New DVD on Karanas Released

Organised by Bharat Kalachar (Ph: 28343045) and Swathi Soft Solutions ‘Karana Viniyoga Malika,’ a DVD produced by Bharatha Nrtya Sala, Bangalore, will be released by Pappu Venugopala Rao, on Feb 4, 6.30 p.m. Leela Samson, director, Kalaks hetra, will receive the first copy and S. Janaki, executive editor, Sruthi, will felicitate. The DVD choreographed and performed by Sundari Santhanam with lyrics compiled and composed by Dr. R. Ganesh, is dedicated to Padma Subrahmanyam. A part of the sale proceeds of the DVD will go to Bharathamuni Foundation for Asian Culture (BFAC).

You can watch a clipping from the DVD featured in YOU Tube at

This 2-hours Karana Viniyoga Mallika DVD covers all aspects and usages of Karana’s, Sthnaka, Cari’s, Nritta Hasthas, Angaharam, Mandalam and Pindibandha as taught by Padma Subrahmaniam.


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