Dr.Vyjayantimala Bali introduces Girish Panikkar of SIFAS

Senior dancer Dr.Vyjayantimala Bali organised a cultural morning at her residence in Chennai on January 10, 2008.The feast for the eyes was Bharatanatyam by Girish Panikkar – a former student of Kalakshetra and now working as a Senior Teacher at Singapore Indian Performing Arts Centre for more than twelve years.

Dr.Bali introduced him to gathering inclusive of friends, art-lovers, musicians, gurus and other dancers. Though Girish was not her student, he had participated in her dance – dramas like Sanga Tamizh Malai, Chandalika and others.

Girish performed for chosen pieces like Nritta Ganapathy in Kanakanki ragam, adi talam, a padam in Malayalam set to Sri ragam and adi talam, Neerajadala nayana in Mohanadhawani ragam and adi talam and a varnam on Lord Iyyappan in ragamalika.

Dr.Bali presented him a shawl and a pearl garland. Dancer – guru Jayanthi Subramaniam did the Nattuvangam, Gomatinayakam accompanied on vocal, Vedakrishnan on Mridangam, Kandadevi Vijayaragavan on the violin, and Bhavani Prasad on the veena.

Source: Kutcheribuzz


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