NRI Fest; another view

From Lalita Seetharam – by email  featured in Kutcheribuzz

Having been in the U.S.A. for a long time, you(Kutcheri buzz) bring Chennai’s music and dance events to our doors. Thank you immensely.
Your report on ‘Tired NRI Fest’ is thought provoking. Being an artist, your blanket statement about artistes living abroad has not done justice to them.
It is not easy for artistes from here to get into the main sabhas easily without making a mark by performing in Chennai.The late R. Ramachandran of Hamsadhwani opened the doors for these artistes who paid a life-time membership.
There are artists from U.S.A. who have made a mark in Chennai and internationally. One person that comes to mind is dancer Mythili Prakash whose dancing is not only superb but electrifying, Another is Puneet Panda, one of the foremost students of the Dhananjayans of Bharatakalanjali.

One response to “NRI Fest; another view

  1. “whose dancing is not only superb but electrifying”
    Oyoyoyoyo! 🙂
    Lalita cannot explain what is the difference between “superb” and “electrifying”, but I assure you that she will try to assure you that Michael Jackson’s dancing is also “superb but electrifying”.

    Bharatanatyam is not about the short-time exciting and electrifying of the public: it is about enchanting. It is about magic. It is about something that touches our souls and stays in our mind for loooooooooooong…

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