DVD releases

Vyjayantimala Bali has launched two DVDs, Sri Andal’s ‘Sanga Tamizh Malai’ and Tirumangai Azhwar’s ‘Siriya Tirumadal,’ both being solo dance-dramas, choreographed and presented by her. The DVDs compiled from live recordings, were released by K.Parasaran, former Attorney General of India and received by Mrs. YGP at Bharat Kalachar. These products are being brought out and marketed by eParampara Infotainment under their Kalakriya series and will be available by Pongal at leading stores like AVM Sound Zone, Music World, Landmark Limited etc.

Vyjayantimala’s earlier Bharatanatyam DVDs, compiled from live recordings, namely Aradhana and Sampradaya, are already available in markets across the country.

Sudharani Raghupathy releases a VCD based on Abhinaya titled “Dancing”. This VCD begins with “Pallandu Pallandu pallayirathandu” the verse from Divya prabandham and ends with a Javali. The compositions featured include “Thathai Mozhiyal”,Kalyani raga, Evvade O bama in Sankarabharanam , Subrahmaniya Bharathiyar’s “Asai Mugam”. in Jonpuri,and a Javali “Geliyai Ponathadi” in Behag. As said earlier this VCD gives importance to abhinaya pieces and not nritta. Plesant watching for a relaxed evening says the reviewer, Charukesi in Kalki

The Music has been composed by Madurai.N. Krishnan.

Voclaist: Nandini Anand

Mridangam:K.S.R. Anirrudh


Price of the VCD:Rs. 350(INR)

Available at Sri Media Solutions, 8, 2nd cross road, Mogappair West , Chennai-95

Source:The Hindu and Kalki Tamil Magazine

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