Malavika presents ‘Kasi Yatra

MalavikaAt the Music Academy’s dance festival, senior dancer Malavika Sarukkai will present her new thematic Bharatanatyam ‘Kasi Yatra’ on Jan. 9.“‘Kasi Yatra’, the journey of a courtesan of Varanasi, is a story of life, its surface movements as well as its deeper currents” says Malavika.

She has chosen the story of the courtesan, a woman of taste and refinement, who is beautiful and accomplished in the arts, from the pages of kuttanimatham, an eighth century poem by Damodara Gupta.

Malavika explains “Kasi Yatra opens out her life and her inner spaces as she begins another journey and joins the flow of the river of pilgrims.”

Malavika’s recital is at the Music Academy on Jan. 9 at 6 pm



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