Want to see more Bharathanatyam???

Here is a campaign that has begun in the Narthaki Forum.

Kannan says, “DD Podhigai will start a new, “Thaka-dhimi-tha”-like game show from 2008, in addition to other BN progs. Raj TV has some BN progs already. The new Mega TV will show a lot of BN and can be received from London to Auckland. Sun TV has Kalai Cholai.

If you do, please call the channels or email them and tell them that you want to see more Bharatanatyam. If we get more lobbying like that, I promise more Bharatanatyam will appearIf the rasikas and dancers do not pressurise the channels, they will continue to show pop.



http://megatv.in/ (they already have Natiyanjali prog, but we can press for more!)


Worth a try, ain’t it?”


7 responses to “Want to see more Bharathanatyam???

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  2. Dear Readers,

    Thaka dhimi tha is very much a part of Jaya TV’s schedule. They are just getting the New series ready and so we are getting to see a few old episodes.

    As for Sun TVs Kalaicholai, I am not sure.

  3. Comment posted from Europe

    tdt the show lost popularity among bharatanatya students when they started to judge by folk dance section. it is good that now they dropped this folk dance segment.

    many people stopped watching thaka thimi tha when from solo they started to dance in pairs. now it is solo again. very good.

    did tdt motivated students? the winners only, and the winners were – sometimes – not the best -even the winners admitted it! the losers were demoralised. so who did motivate? the judges did not always explain their decision.

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