Mamallapuram Dance Festival

Tamil Nadu Tourism hosts its annual dance festival at Mahabalipuram, 60 kms south of Chennai.
This year the festival will begin on Dec. 28, 2007 and will go on till Jan. 27, 2008

The 7th century carvings at the rock cut temples of the Pallava Dynasty form the backdrop for the dance events.

Two programmes each of classical and folk dance will be held from 5. 30 pm everyday.
Special buses from Chennai will be operated through the scenic East Coast Road, during the festival days.
For more info contact Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation, 2, Wallajah Road, Chennai – 2. Phone: 2538 3333, 2538 9857. Email :-

Source: Kutcheribuzz


3 responses to “Mamallapuram Dance Festival

  1. The good news about this winter’s festival is that each dancer/group will be given only a 30-minute slot, unlike the 60-minute a year ago. Which means that the spectators will get to see double the variety of artistes/programmes.

    The bad news about Mamallapuram Dance Festival is the same as used to be: unless the dancer/guru has strong political connections in the Union Government (DMK is part of it), there is no chance for them to be invited there. The political pressures/counterpressures resulted in doubling the number of slots. Dirty Indian politics does not promote really talented dancers.

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    I can’t wait for the next festival.
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