DANCE : Masquerade, a dance theatre narrative by Sheejith Krishna

Bharatanatyam has varieties. From the regular margams and thematic performances to dance ballets, dance operas and now a dance theatre narrative. Sheejith Krishna, a Kalakshetra faculty and a recipient of the Ustad Bismillah Khan – Yuva Puraskar award from the Sangeet Natak Akademi last year, is bringing his favourite English novel to Bharatanatyam thsi year. ‘Masquerade’. It is based on Alexander Dumas’ novel ‘Man in the Iron Mask’. “The three musketeers appear in his fiction. I started thinking of it out of my own interest like my other two earlier productions.” said Sheejith. He had earlier choreographed ‘Marthyan’ when he was a post graduate student at the Kalakshetra. And ‘Swapna Rag’, a musical dance drama and story was based on seven characters representing seven musical notes. In this new production, Sheejith is working with the artistes from Kalakshetra. Prof. Raghuraman has done the translation of the original novel for this dance drama. “When Leela Samson and I were travelling from Mangalore, we discussed this idea. She showed interest in the idea and asked me to do it as a Kalakshetra production. It is a credit for me that she recognised my idea and talent.” says Sheejith.

“It has been a busy month with practices for my dance recitals and the rehearsals for this big event.” But Sheejith is happy about all the hard work and looks forward to seeing this show on stage. This show will premier on Dec. 26 at Kalakshetra Auditorium at 6.30 pm. A repeat show will be held at Kalakshetra on the New year’s Day at 6.30 pm.



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