How to get a chance to perform in Madras?

 It has never been easy to make it to the top as a Bharathanatyam Performer. I have always been curious about one gets an oppurtunity to perform?  Here is a post from narthaki discussion board, by Sasirekha Rammohan, an upcoming Bharathanatyam dancer from Chennai:-

“Hi! The season is great but to get a chance in the sabha money is involved ( Rs 4000 to 40,000 that’s 100-1000USD). Will the scenario change? Will the sabhas give chances to talent than money ?

I am surprised, because I taught the sabhas paid the artists. Anyhow…


One response to “How to get a chance to perform in Madras?

  1. Here is something in contrast…
    Anita Ratnam talks about the audition process to perform at Joyce Soho, a reputed contemporary dance space in New York

    “Before I continue with the experience of the performance itself, I would like to share the process of being selected to perform at Joyce SoHo. The key word is ‘selected.’ One cannot book the Joyce Soho like hiring a theatre in India. I had to apply, submit the necessary forms and sample DVDs, wait for the committee to review the work and then write to me about their approval. This may surprise many readers and diva dancers who do not believe in submitting to a transparent process and going through the democratic motions. No matter that you are a Padma awardee or someone adored and revered in your cultural constituency, you have to go through the process like everybody. If you are fortunate to be selected, then prepare yourself for a real treat. For so much less than it costs to rent halls like Kamani in New Delhi, Chowdiah in Bangalore or the Music Academy in Chennai for one full day, you are given the theatre for six days, lights, rehearsal space for a mere pittance of $10 an hour and the most incredible lighting director- a dynamo of a woman – Julie Ana Dobo. You also receive free publicity, e-mail marketing and program mailers that the Joyce staff produces for you and all the ticketing and box office support. All the staff at the theatre are dancers or artistes and the most supportive and friendly gang you can meet. It is up to you to fix ticket prices and you take home ALL the box office collections. So, most companies who are selected make a good profit from their Joyce engagement. But you have to be selected first.

    In addition, it is up to you to print extra post cards or flyers and do your own marketing, which in a city like New York with over 200 shows a day, is very important. You can invite media and make sure the ticket sales are brisk with a focused effort. Just being booked at the Joyce SoHo does NOT guarantee a full house. Located in the very chic lower Manhattan area called Soho with expensive boutiques, art galleries and wonderful restaurants, this area of New York is not much favoured by the Indian community, being so much further than their normal geographical areas of mid town. However, with more and more Indian dancers moving to the New York area, the Joyce committee has found that the Indian dance engagements do very well with family, students, parents and friends usually filling the hall night after night. “

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