What is Art and what is not?

An article by Mallika from Australia

What is art? Who is the authority on it? Who decides what is artistic and what is not?

Art. Art is creation of beauty. Beauty that is eternal, doesn’t weary or vary with time, doesn’t get boring, but is inspiring, just like the sunrise, everytime you look at it, its new. But beauty is in the eyes of beholder is it not? That’s why I compare this creation of beauty with nature. Have you ever seen somebody getting bored of the sunrise, greenery, waves?

I always wondered how the ancient sages, our own scientists could write or know about so many things without the present day amenities. How could they know about starsand planets? I think they never felt their bodies to be barriers to stop them from achieving or knowing something. In fact, they made their bodies and minds separate and it is this mind of theirs that made their bodies a medium to feel, or say not to feel the pain, to achieve, to go beyond the usual list of this- is- what- body –can-do ideas. And that’s how they achieved what they did.

This is precisely what I would want to see in an artist. To use the body to communicate. Especially an art form like dance, which is so physically tiring. Remember, your body is a medium to achieve greater pleasures, to create beauty, to reach that eternal peace and happiness that everybody is in quest of.


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