Attendance for Dance Programs in The December Season-2007

Here is what Divya Shankar from Madras( Chennai) says about the attendance to dance festivals during the beginning of the season this year….

“Rajeshwari sainath’s EVENING programme in sri krishna gana sabha (skgs): 30 spectators . same for odissi by sujatha mohapatra (she was great, except for some of her mukha abhinaya – coquetish) there.
skgs morning (9.00 am) dance prog – what, you expected more than two dozen spectators???

Urmila Sathyanarayanan in meenakshi college: 300 spectators. i never saw a prog by Urmila sathyanarayanan with less than 300 spectators. not as good as alarmel valli’s numbers, though 🙂 urmila is the second. she has such a refined grace!!!!! and stage presence!!! we love urmila!

Big schools like Revathi Ramachandran’s (schoolmates, relatives, and so on): 300 spectators at rama rao kala mandappam for a TICKETED prog

compare: m.sai dheera (vijay madhavan’s student) – very good dancer, at the vds arts academy she had about 80 spectators.

next day at vds: s.haritha (10 y.o. girl), cannot dance at all, but her parents brought their entire cement company (300 people?) employees! they were sleeping!!!! very funny these big clans! they make a laughing stock out of their unfit kids.

so far the corporate and political clans, and big schools are the only ones who have many (sleeping) spectators.

Was Janeni right when she wrote that live programmes are the things of the past? “- This is in reference to a previous post in Narthaki Discussion board.

Divya Shankar who was just a name for us, has now commented in this forum. She runs the blog


4 responses to “Attendance for Dance Programs in The December Season-2007

  1. Thank you Divya Shankar. I had earlier credited the statement to you(as I always do). Now the readers can also reach your blog from mine as I have provided a link.It indeed gives me a lot of pleasure to share comments, reviews and opinions related to what is happening in the World of Bharathanatyam without preconceived notions.I believe in having constructive sharing of ideas and concepts.
    As you had earleir replied to my comment, you are indeed blessed to be present physically in Madras, the seat of Bharathanatyam today.

  2. Sangeetha: This comment has been moderated . I merely post this reader’s view after moderation . I do not attest the view of this reader. For one I am not present in India to witness the recital.

    Ah! Sangeetha, you should warn people that “My ” (Sangeetha: “our’ changed to “my”: because Iam not sure mine is) blog is full of bad language, vicious criticisms, utter trash, rumours, and creative plagiarism! 🙂

    As for Alarmel Valli, this year she danced wonderfully in Bharat Kalachar. You know, Sangeetha, Mrs. Parthasarathy prepared extra seats, she expected 1000 people to turn up. Do you know how many came? About 150. Big surprise for everyone (let’s blame the traffic problems in T.Nagar!). I bought a Rs.50 ticket and sat in the empty Rs.500 row. Cheap, I know, don’t curse me. 😦

    Last year Alarmel was a bit too tired when I saw her, and both the times she did one stupid javali: the lyrics was not very spiritual (the poet was drunk or am I stupid?), and the superficial (even she is so sometimes) Alarmel explained that this javali is about protecting the rights of a prostitute. My god! What a “symbolism”! Do you remember that javali (in Telugu?) where the prostitute reminds her client that he had promised her many pieces of gold jewelry but never gave it to her? Eventually the prostitute tells him “Po”. Even if we assume that the prostitute symbolises the human soul who expects certain tangible things (material, siddhas, etc) from the Lord in return for this soul’s surrender to the Lord, it was hard for me to imagine a situation when the soul would eventually say “Go!” to the Lord! It is impossible! How can a human soul, who at least once tasted the union with the Lord, abandon the blessed Presence of the Supreme????? Anyone who has seen that wonderful light, was embraced by it, anyone who has seen that infinite Beauty and Bliss, how can anyone want anything else but the Sat Chit Ananda??? They just do not compare with anything else!!!!!! How can we forget it??? No way! Maybe I am mad! Or maybe I do not know how mean and stupid other people’s souls can be?

    Alarmel is not a saint, not perfect, I know, and even she is often — and does not have a clue of what is behind the symbols in the lyrics.

    But this year she looks fine, and chose profound items. She is very dear to me. Do you know of any dancer whose recitals would have such depth?

  3. By the way, if you have time to edit, I can give you the url’s of my major source (the original author of most of my postings). The writings/diary are in a mess, but this person sounds very interesting, as you noticed. I came across some pages of this diary by searching Google, and it is a pity that the main page (index) is password-protected.

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