Ashta nayikas on the ‘Naadhabrahmam’ opening day

Naadhabrahmam, a monthly music journal, conferred the title ‘Naada Kovida’ on violin maestro M. Chandra Sekaran and ‘Abinaya Kovida’ on Kalanidhi Narayanan, guru of abhinaya, at the inauguration of its sixth annual music festival on Dec. 5, 2007

Conferring the honour, V.Ramasubramanian, Judge, Madras High Court, said nowhere in the world were music and dance accorded such importance as in India. It was the only country where Saptabrahmam and Naadhabrahmam were worshipped. God was moved by music, and the same divine music gave joy to human beings.

Musicologist Dr. V.V. Srivatsa and N. Subramanian, Editor, Naadhabrahmam, felicitated the artists.

What followed the inaugural function was an aural treat. A dance ballet by eight leading dancers – ‘Ashta nayika of Sangam Age’. Priyadarshini Govind, Bragha Bessel, Jayanthi Subramaniam, Roja Kannan, Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala, Radhika Shurajit, Shobhan Bhalchandra and Lakshmi Ramaswamy. Each dancer brought the emotions of one nayika each on stage!

Source: Kuthcheribuzz


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