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This is the thread for committed Gurus and Institutes. Please let us know about your favorite Gurus


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  1. Beginning to teach Bharathanatyam

    I must have been in Std 10 (grade 10),way behind in 1989, if I remember right. I was then training with Guru Smt. Priyadarshini Ramchand. Back then she was Ms. Priya Raghuvir, Priya akka to all of us.

    One day she called Vijay Madhavan, now a promising upcoming artiste,(then may be a 8/9 grader) and me and told us that we would be taking the class on Wednesday (or was it a Thursday). We were both so so happy and also so totally nervous

    On the d day, I remember we made the class do Alarippu, Jathiswaram korvais and 1st half of Periyasami Thooran Varnam, “Nandagopalanai” in Bhairavi. To hear our voice doing the sorkattu for the first time was so unreal and so magical. At the end of the class we were so elated. I can still feel it. Even the air seemed different after that. I remember the reverent looks the juniors used to give us after that day.

    I was hooked on to teaching Bharathanatyam right from that day on. I am sure Vijay was too!

    Thanks to Priya akka for being instrumental in creating this passion, which is also a serious profession to us now.

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