Bharathanatyam Talent Promotion Program

This is an attempt by BN and WWW, to generate awareness amongst public and students in general about Bharathanatyam.This blog is exclusively open to all upcoming Bharathanatyam artistes, teachers and students. Please let us know about your learning, Gurus, experiences, concerns, suggestions and queries. You could post your photo, website URL, and links to your performances in You Tube.
You are also welcome to share your thoughts and interesting articles and facts you come across, in this column, if you feel they would be of interest to this community.

We will retain ones that are genuine. Please avoid overzealous advertising.

Thanks for your co-operation.
Let the good times begin…

9 responses to “Bharathanatyam Talent Promotion Program

  1. I am Anupriya Krishnan from Dayton, Ohio. I did my initial training with Guru Pradeep Kumar from Kalakshetra and then moved on to Guru. Priyadarshini Ramchand. I had my arangetram in 1996 under her and then moved to Padmashree Shobana after Priya Akka moved back to the states. I have my little dance school here at Dayton and totally enjoy teaching kids. I think this is a great blog through which i can meet a lot of upcoming Bharatnatyam aspirants like me. I am also very curious and interested to know more about the certification programs mentioned in your other blog. It would be great if you can give me a good contact id and throw some more information on the same. Thank you!Anupriya

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  2. Dear Anupriya,

    Nice to know you. I was with Guru.Smt. Priyadarshini Ramchand too before I moved on to Chitra Akka.

    The Certification programs are run as a colloborative venture between, Alagappa Performing Arts Academy and Alagappa University.

    They provide four levels of learning
    1. Certificate
    2. Associate
    3. Diploma
    4. Degree

    They kind of get to know you and your academy standards and then accredit you as their “approved dance center” where you can provide these courses.Visit their website at
    Read their section Dance center Certification.

    I coordinate with Ms.V.R. Devi,their program manager at Madras. She can be contacted at

    Telling her that we were both with the same Guru can help, since she was here to personally see the instruction in this class and I more or less stick to Chitra akka’s curriculum.

    Good Luck!
    Keep in touch

  3. Hi AnuPriya,
    This is Supraja Gaini from Huntsville, Alabama. My daughter has been learning the Kalakshethra style of bharathnatyam since age 9 and is now 14 years old. We visit Dayton quiet often since we have family there. I was wondering if my daughter could learn a couple of dances from you, while we are there. Can you please email me your contact information and your dance style.
    Best Regards

    Hi Supraja!
    Will try to find Anupriya 🙂

  4. Hi,

    Will you be willing to share the meaning of the Hari Naryana Kavuthvam? I think it is also called Vishnu Kavuthvam. Smt. Chitra has performed this item and hence thought you might know it..


    Hi Mishrakesi,
    I didnt learn this piece but have watched it a couple of times.

    See this thread from rasikas(if you havent already!)
    The meaning can also be seen at (though one particular phrase still needs to be pinned)


  5. Oooooooops!

    I know i am long due answering your question Supraja. It has been a crazy few months. YES, we can definitely work on couple of dances whenever you visit dayton. My email id is

    Looking forward to getting in touch!

  6. Hi,
    My name is Samyu Hari and I am now 8 years old. I have been learning Bharatanatyam from the age of five. I am a student of Rathna Kumar from Anjali Center of Performing Arts, Houston, TX. I love learning from Rathna aunty and she is the best teacher in the whole wide world. I have only one dance in youtube. (I am the shorter one on the right.)

    Is there any dance competition for 8 year olds?


  7. I am proud to see Ms. Anupriya in this site. I have known her from childhood and have been foloowing all her performances right from 3 years old. Her first role was kutty krishna in pradeep masters annual performance and she has been performing every year therafter. She did her arangetram at a very young age of 13 and received raving reviews of the maturity and grace and bhava in her performance. She then moved on to international programmes like Surya Dance Festival, Music Academy festival etc and won the annual awards of Mylapore Fine Arts Scociety. I am really proud to see her runnin g her own dance school in Dayton and having more than 10 arangetrams of her students under her belt. She takes after her Grandmother Komalavalli Ramanujam who is a great musician and connosieur of performing ats. Anupriya’s aunt Prabha Ramanujam is also a great dancer who combines the styles of various danceforms and is teaching fusion dance. Her Guru Rajan is a great pioneer in this.
    I wish Anupriya all the best in her service to the illustrious arts of Ancient India

  8. I learnt dance for more than 13 yrs with Priya akka then with her sister Radhika for sometime. then discontinued due to higher studies. But want t be in touch with her and other old dance mates, Probly we wuld have met in the dance class, not able to place ur face.

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